1. “Scent of the Missing” Book Trailer

Watch the “Scent of the Missing” book trailer, narrated by Susannah Charleson. Featuring Team Puzzle and the Mark-9 search and rescue team of Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. “Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a...

2. Dog for the Job

We ask a great deal of the dogs working search-and-rescue. SAR dogs must be independent thinkers even as they are collaborative partners, should exhibit high drive for the job, while at the same time possess the physical and...

3. The Charm City Cakes Connection

For more than a month I’ve chased this post – a piece about three teammates, two women and a dog – whom I have partnered in search sectors for almost ten years. Cindi, Ellen, and Cindi’s search dog Belle have eluded my every...

4. Waiting Here, Waiting There

What does she know, I wonder, a friend on the Internet asks about my search dog. She has caught me online in real time. She wants to know what I know also: if we are going to Haiti, Puzzle and I, if she can send something, do something...

5. The Woods Next Door

On a wilderness search, crashing through brush in the dark, we have little time to make note of the flora and fauna that don’t actually reach out and trip us, bind us, or smack us across the forehead.  Terrain on searches is...
Off Duty

Off Duty

While search work presents a challenge and real joy to Puzzle, she enjoys a home life in the way of any dog cherished by a family.  Off-duty, Puzzle loves to wander with her partner in the woods and...

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Scent of the Missing by Susannah CharlesonSusannah Charleson's
Scent of the Missing chronicles the author's adventures with her golden retriever as members of a Texas-based canine search and rescue team.

Released in April 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Scent of the Missing is available in bookstores near you and online from these popular booksellers:

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